The secret of adding bay leaves to your food is not just a culinary delight but has multiple health benefits that you need to know. We all know that boiled Bay leaves do not add any flavor or taste to the water but still why are they used in red meat and poultry? If it’s not for flavor or taste then why add it at all?

You will be surprised by the explanation below.

Check the amount of fat that is left in your cooking pan which had meat cooked with Bay leaves as compared to the one that did not have them. This is because Bay leaves in meat convert triglycerides to monounsaturated fat.

Apart from this wonder – Bay leaves have pharmaceutical benefits that you should know about proven by scientific studies that help you fight serious illnesses and health problems:

Bay leaf benefits –

  1. They take care of digestive disorders by eliminating lumps, heartburn, acidity, constipation and regulate bowel movements
  2. Bay leaf in hot tea helps reduce blood sugar, and being an antioxidant, it also produces insulin
  3. Relieves the body of triglycerides by eliminating bad cholesterol
  4. Bay leaves are a rich source of vitamin C, which fights colds, flu and stubborn coughs.
  5. Boiled bay leaves can be also used for inhalation that helps in reducing phlegm and prolonged coughs
  6. Good for the heart against seizures and strokes due to its cardiovascular defensive compounds
  7. Very rich in multiple acids that check the formation of cancer cells in the body
  8. Before bedtime – it assures a good night’s sleep by preventing insomnia and anxiety
  9. A cup of boiled Bay leaves taken twice a day will cure infections and dissolve kidney stones

As you see – the benefits are immense, and the leaves are easily available as well as can be stored in air- tight containers for a long time.

Go – try it! See if this helps!

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