• $5.00

    Mint Pratha

    multi layered whole wheat bread topped with mint & lightly buttered
  • $4.00

    Onion Pratha

    stuffed whole wheat bread
  • $4.00

    Makki Ki Roti

    maize flour bread
  • $4.00

    Chilly Garlic Naan

    fluffy white bread topped with fresh chilly & garlic
  • $5.00

    Bullet Naan

    white flour bread stuffed with green chillies & spiced
  • $12.00

    Z* Zayka Bread Basket

    assortment consisting of aloo naan, garlic naan, butter naan & Kashmiri naan
  • $5.00

    Keema Naan

    white flour bread stuffed with ground mince chicken and lightly spiced
  • $5.00

    Chicken Naan

    light white bread stuffed with chopped chicken and herbs lightly spiced
  • $5.00

    Paneer Kulcha

    white flour bread stuffed with homemade cheese and lightly spiced
  • $5.00

    Kashmiri/Peshawari Naan

    soft white flour bread stuffed with dried mixed fruits and nuts

We are offering Set Lunch Box during lunch hours for $12.99.

Also, don't forget to try our Family Meal Package that feeds 4-5.

To place the order, call us at 919-361-5370 or click here to place the order online.