It is Christmas time and if you are planning on having dinner with your family or friends in an Indian restaurant, you may wonder what to order. Indian menu has a great range to choose from and it can be quite an overwhelming experience especially if you do not know much about this cuisine. At Zayka restaurant, we would like to help you with some simple tips that can help you, so you will not only enjoy them but also want to try them again.

Serves More

Unlike the typical American or Continental dishes, Indian curry pots are usually serving 2-4 people. So, when you order these curries, remember that you can eat with a few friends or family members as well. So, you can decide with them what you all prefer so that you do not end up wasting the dish.

Start Easy

When it comes to trying out Indian dishes, it is better to try with some simple ones such as –

Tomato Soup: It is a great appetizer and is mild on spices as well. Also, it works as a perfect start to an Indian meal. Studies by bachelorarbeit schreiben lassen have shown that tomato soup is full of vitamins. And at Christmas time, tomato soup takes on a special flavor.

Paneer Pakoda: These are cottage cheese dipped in chickpea batter that provides a flavorful crust after frying and is the best starter you can have in the Indian food spread

Chicken Haryali Tikka: If you are a non-vegetarian, try the chicken breast marinated in yogurt, fresh ginger, garlic, spinach, mint & spices and roasted as your starters

Dal Bukhara: As a part of your main course, pick up these black lentils that are simmered and cooked overnight for finishing with tomatoes, ginger, and garlic

Nav Ratan Korma: One of the main dishes can be this lovely blend of various vegetables cooked with dried fruits in a creamy onion sauce

Butter Chicken: A safe bet for a non-vegetarian main dish is boneless chicken cooked in a rich creamy sauce with fresh tomatoes and delicate spices

Naan/Roti: You can have all these dishes with either of these Indian bread or rice

As Indian cuisine is usually associated with spices, so maybe unsure about trying them when you do not like spicy foods. However, you can also ask for food that is less spicy in restaurants and the chefs will not include the final spices that may heat the food. Some of the best Indian food in Cary is also not very spicy as it is catered to people here.

Once you start getting comfortable with the Indian food and the flavors, you can start including a bit of spice slowly till you start liking them, finally.

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