Thanksgiving is special. It is a time when family and friends assemble and enjoy a traditional meal together. Over the centuries, it has always been the turkey that took the prime spot, but these days due to growing vegetarianism in society, vegetables, and some exquisite vegetarian delights have also been topping the menus worldwide. Whether you wish to prepare it at home or want to pick up from the Zayka menu, roasted turkey is surely one best way to celebrate your Thanksgiving!

Let’s look at the turkey – the most important menu in this festive season. Best and juiciest roast turkey

What is the secret to a perfect roast turkey?

Roasting over high heat and for a short period of time. Gone are the days you spent hours roasting a turkey and then need to regularly, every hour apply brine to give it taste and make it juicy.

Now all you need to do is prepare the bird with all the required ingredients and then put it in the oven by setting the right temperature and let it be.

You may adjust the temperature while the cooking process is on if you feel so.

The turkey gets done, the aroma is perfect and what you get is the juiciest and tender turkey with a flavor that you could die for!

Stuffing the turkey

The cavity of the turkey can be stuffed with a few of these items. People have their favorite ones – but the most often used are apples, cinnamon, and lots of herbs. The mix not only gives an awesome flavor but also adds an aroma to the drippings which turn into gravy.

Turkey gravy

If you follow these steps you head for the perfect gravy as well. You will find everything you need, in the turkey itself. You need to start first by making the stock using the turkey’s neck and giblets. Do not forget to remove and save them while you prepare the bird for the oven. Collect all the juicy drippings when the turkey is done to add to the stock for awesome gravy.

Serve it hot to your friends, with lots of smiles and love that adds to the festive mood.

Whether you wish to enjoy your Thanksgiving at Zayka Restaurant as it is one of the best restaurants in Raleigh or want to order it to your home, let us know or order online.

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