Ever thought of having to spend a Valentine’s Day (VDay) in confined spaces? This year would be the first for everyone. However, without dampening the spirit of the event and the significance of the day, one can create a memorable VDay at home itself.

Apart from playing various games that heat the romance at home, cooking together or trying a new dish at home together – will surely make the occasion more romantic and create a special feeling of togetherness. Eating and cooking together is one of the most effective Valentine day celebration ideas to try.

Making dinner together

Keep fast food away this time. Make a meal from scratch by going virtual with a private cooking class and then to add to the meal add some starters or great appetite ideas Zayka Restaurant in Raleigh.

Take a private cooking class

This kind of cooking class will take you on a virtual tour to Morocco, Italy, or Spain and even as far as fascinating India. Choose the cuisine you would like to try and learn, a date and time and you can log into a virtual cooking classroom. This alongside your spouse could not only be fun but also trigger that skill of being a chef which was never tapped before. You will be surprised as to things V Day can make you do.

Add in the fun by ordering extra from a restaurant

If there is a restaurant or a dish that has been truly memorable to you and your spouse especially in your past V Day dates, add a bit of surprise for your spouse by ordering from that restaurant – these extras that will add to the meal, complete the cycle of old memories of those special meals that cannot be forgotten. Get that spread and have that nostalgic dinner.

Don’t let the pandemic of the lockdown stop you from making your VDay special. Find your favorites dishes, browse through www.zaykaraleigh.com, and enjoy a cozy and romantic evening at home.

Have a great lovable V Day celebration at home this year!

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