We are excited that 919 wanted to have a mention about us in their ever so popular magazine!

Would you like to know why they wanted to have us in their magazine?

Here are some of the reasons.

The best ambiance restaurant

When it comes to you coming in with your guests to have a great experience during lunches or dinners, our staff makes it their job to ensure you feel not just at home but completely pampered and happy when you conclude your meal. You can see it in their faces all the time while you are being served!

Best quality food

Our Chef Sanjeev Kumar takes it very personally to create each dish curated for an exquisite and divine experience. He carefully picks his ingredients from the fresh markets daily and blends them with his unique flavors and spices to bring that aroma and taste you adore to your food.

Best catering services

We are equipped to handle any kind of catering for your events such as weddings, corporate parties, family get-togethers, and socials. Our indoor halls can accommodate large gatherings and if you prefer to have outdoor catering organized, we are experts in that too!

So, if you are having a family event or an office party, and need our food for your guests, just let us know a bit in advance and we will have it all delivered in time. We can also help you set it up as per the event theme, interests, and setup.

Safety Precautions

While we take utmost care in preparing food and serving, we also ensure our guests are safe and for that, we have taken many precautions such as having them use masks, sanitizers, sanitized menus after each guest, and more. We also have vaccinated our staff and been some of the first restaurants in town to do that as we believe safety comes first!

So, when you next think of ordering food or dining, check us out!

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